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Triquetra designs for every taste:
Girly butterfly triquetras, gothic black and gold triquetra art, striking purple triquetra designs...pastel coloured Baby Witch Triquetras, charmed triquetras with leaves, seasonal variations and more.
Triquetra Designs

Magic and Occult Designs Magic and Occult Symbols:
Pentacles, Goddess symbols, Pentagrams... add some magic to your life with Moon Goddess clothing, pentacle shirts in a fantastic range of stunning colors, altar tiles, ceramic pendants/amulets, keepsake boxes, baby attire and much more.

Dragon Designs
Step into the dragon's lair to browse through dragon shirts, ceramic gifts, bags, drinking vessels and more...all featuring our conquered Green Dragon, the Japanese-inspired Mikado Dragon, celtic triquetra dragons, art nouveau style Dragon & Maiden and other fearsome critters.
Dragon Designs

Fairy Designs The Fairy Store
Enter the realm of the Fire Fairy and her sisters, like the elusive Blue Ink Fairy and the Smoke Fairy! Enchanting graphics on housewares and gifts, clothing, baby wear and collectibles.

Candy/d Witch Designs
The Candy/d Witch is candy colored and she's candid!
Clad yourself in some sassy witch attitude, like the "Witches do it better" or "Eat my Broom!" slogan designs. Good Witch shirts, candy colored ceramic collectables such as pendants, framed tiles, keepsake boxes...there's something here for everyone, and the baby clothes are particularly cool!