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Triquetra designs for every taste:
Girly butterfly triquetras, gothic black and gold triquetra art, striking purple triquetra designs...pastel coloured Baby Witch Triquetras, charmed triquetras with leaves, seasonal variations and more.
Triquetra Designs

Magic and Occult Designs Magic and Occult Symbols:
Pentacles, Goddess symbols, Pentagrams... add some magic to your life with Moon Goddess clothing, pentacle shirts in a fantastic range of stunning colors, altar tiles, ceramic pendants/amulets, keepsake boxes, baby attire and much more.

Dragon Designs
Step into the dragon's lair to browse through dragon shirts, ceramic gifts, bags, drinking vessels and more...all featuring our conquered Green Dragon, the Japanese-inspired Mikado Dragon, celtic triquetra dragons, art nouveau style Dragon & Maiden and other fearsome critters.
Dragon Designs

Fairy Designs The Fairy Store
Enter the realm of the Fire Fairy and her sisters, like the elusive Blue Ink Fairy and the Smoke Fairy! Enchanting graphics on housewares and gifts, clothing, baby wear and collectibles.

Candy/d Witch Designs
The Candy/d Witch is candy colored and she's candid!
Clad yourself in some sassy witch attitude, like the "Witches do it better" or "Eat my Broom!" slogan designs. Good Witch shirts, candy colored ceramic collectables such as pendants, framed tiles, keepsake boxes...there's something here for everyone, and the baby clothes are particularly cool!
Witch designs

Mermaid Designs Mermaid Designs
Visit the Mermaid cove for stunning mermaid t-shirts, ceramic collectibles, black and color apparel, mermaid clocks and a whole lot more!


Visit our sister stores:

Just Vampires.com Store
Vampire and Gothic designs with bite!
"Bite me!" slogan clothing, purple bats, the vintage 'Bat Idyll' art...our vampire keepsake boxes make a great treat, and with our vampire mugs, bat clocks and other goodies you can easily sneak in some goth attitude with your everyday household items too.
Just Vampires store

Red Bimbo store Red Bimbo.com Store
Red Bimbo, the Redhead with Attitude, puts the 'ooh' into cool!
Not just for redheads, and not just for girls: RB spreads some cheeky attitude wherever she shows! "Redheads do it better" underwear, black and colored clothing, baby wear...Red Bimbo pretty things and useful stuff: framed ceramic tiles and clocks for your walls, ceramic art tile keepsake boxes (such a must have for trinkets and jewelry!), pendants, mugs, bags and many a surprise.

Just Wolves.com Store
Ghost Wolf art, "Wolf in Human Clothing" designs, Winter Wolf, and their friends: find your favorite wolf t-shirt, wolf mug, or collectible in a range of stunning colors and materials.
Just Wolves store


Some of your questions answered:

What does that symbol mean?
Can I have my name on this design?
Why are some called Pentacle, and some Pentagram?
Do I get discounts for a bulk order?
I have an idea for a design...
I need a logo for my company?
May I use your art for avatars, picture tubes,
email or forum signatures etc?

May I use your art to get a tattoo design?
Can I link to your website? Will you link back to mine?
May I use your artwork for crafts projects, to sell on ebay,
my own site, or similar?

Can I sell your products via my own site/shop or at a fair/convention?
What does that symbol mean?
Trinity/Triple Moon
The triquetra, which has recently been made
well-known by the TV series Charmed,
is an ancient symbol which has been used by
many different cultures - from Christianity to Paganism.
Unity, eternity, protection, strength, purity,
innocence are just some of its meanings.
Find out the history behind the triquetra
in the Reference pages of the
JustCharmed website.
A five-pointed star within a circle. Pagan symbol,
commonly used to show Pagan or Wiccan faith.
The five points of the star represent the spirit
and four elements, the circle connects all five.
It stands for the integration of body and spirit,
and mastery of all elements.
Trinity/Triple Moon
Goddess symbol representing the Maiden, Mother,
and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon.
The Goddess stands for feminine energy and
strength, mystery and psychic abilities.
Can I have my name on this design?
All items can be personalized with a name for only $1
extra per item! Just email me!
For customizing requirements other than names,
please email.
Pentacle or Pentagram?
A pentacle is a pentagram with a circle around it.
Bulk Orders
If you would like to order a large number of any one
item, you are welcome to Email me, and we'll
discuss a discount!
Please take note of our Resale Policy
I have an idea for a design...
Please email me with your ideas,
and we'll discuss it!
I need a logo...
Please email me with your ideas and requirements
for any graphic designs.
I am more than happy to help!
May I use your art for avatars, picture tubes
email or forum signatures etc?

Sorry, no... we have had too many problems with our images having been stolen, misrepresented, altered etc in the past. Therefore we no longer allow any use of our work to be used for websets, message boards, signature tags or anything else. You are strongly advised to also read the Copyright and Terms of Service pages!
May I use your art to get a tattoo design?
Yes, and I'd love to see the finished tattoo, please!
But please note the Copyright notices and remember that images of your tattoo may not be sold etc, nor given to the tattooist to be offered to other clients for profit!
Please your tattoo pictures, along with details of the tattoist used. If you like, we will also add your tattoo picture to our website! If we add your picture to our site, we will reward you with a discount on your next purchase. Details will be provided before we upload your tattoo picture.
Can I link to your website?
Will you link back to mine?

Thank you for wishing to link to our website!
You can find Banners here. Sorry, we do not participate in link exchanges.
May I use your artwork for crafts projects, to sell on ebay,
my own site, or similar?

Absolutely not. To do so would be a breach of Copyright.
Can I sell your products via my own site/shop or at a fair/convention etc?
Sorry, no. All our designs are to be sold exclusively through our own websites and outlets only. Please refer to the Resale Policy and our Terms of Service pages!

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